Equi=core 1200 OR Equi=tech 1R OR Isotek EVO3 Aquarius

I've pretty much narrowed my search down to these three units, but I'm having difficulty deciding between them.  Has anybody had any comparative experience between at least two of them?
The sound quality of both units is good. After further listening, I would give the edge to the Equi=tech Q2, it's more refined and definitely better built but that comes with a price ($$)!
The Equi=tech Q2 is expensive, while the Equi=Core 1800 or 1200 costs quite a bit less, yet still has quality sound.

RE:  Toe Tap Audio is right: one for Analog, one for Digital. In fact, depending on ones 'source(s), a third may prove even more beneficial -to power "computer" audio gear.

I have yet to connect/install my Exact Power SP-15A (for main 'Amp' and 'Pre') the other two for source components. 
The reasons (for multiple Bal./Trans) seems straight-forward; inter-component noise/cross-talk appears to generate considerable noise within the Bal. AC Supply; the more components connected, the more component-generated noise is present. 


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11-28-2017 11:04am
@twoleftears, there is a fundamental difference, the Core Power and Equi Tech are balanced transformers, which is the best approach imo. If you run digital probably think about getting two, one for digital and another for analogue on two dedicated spurs.

@lak, what’s the sq between the two BPS’s you have?
Dave and Troy (Audio Doctor NJ):   

" ......the difference is that Isotek isolates all of the outlets to eliminate cross contamination of digital circuits into analog ones."

And how does IsoTek do that ?

(P.S> Regardless of item/unit chosen, the customer at the very least should expect an eye-opening improvement, such as you describe when you say " ....when ever we demoed one of their units particularly their higher end ones, the change in clarity and sound staging was very noticeable.")