Equipment racks: Symposium/Mapleshade

Anyone have an opinion on the relative merits of these two fine racks? I already use a Zoethecus (power) amp stand so the rack that I will be limited to source components and the preamplifier (not looking to acquire a Zoethecus rack however). Specifically, I am asking for feedback from users of the Samson (Mapleshade) and Isis (Symposium) products.
Mapleshade gives a whole lot of performance for the dollar.
The word is getting out which has caused quite a backlog.
It is, however, well worth the wait.
I truly believe that the choice of a rack becomes nearly inconsequential if great iso/absrb shelves like Neuances are used. Opens up the possibilities to much more attractive "furniture", like my Arts & Crafts leaded glass cabinet from Drexel....
I have the Mapleshade brass triple points, maple boards, High hats, and those cork things. I have heard very expensive racks that don't sound as good as what mapleshade offers. Not a bad way to go. I have them loaned out to a friend. It is a bit cheaper than a Neuance board and rack. It does not come close in performance compared to the Neuance. Spend the few extra dollars when you can. Even if you have to wait a bit longer you will be very happy you did. Can't help you on the Symposium as i have not heard them. I did hear from a Symposium owner who sold their stuff after hearing either the Neuance or Sistrum. I have not tried Subaruguru's idea. I do trust his judement. If what he says is true, the Neuance becomes a better bargin than either products you are considering. And don't forget sonics.