Equipment setup

I have a reasonably sized listening room (8 1/2 feet by 12) but my stereo is in a nook by the windows which is 5 feet wide. I have Elac FS-247 speakers powered by Mcintosh MC501 monoblocks. The monoblocks are currently on the floor in front of the speakers. The problem I am trying to solve is that the speakers do not fill up the room like they did at the dealers. I feel this may have to do with my set up. I tried pulling the speakers out and pushing the monoblocks into the nook but this made it sound worse. The speakers are about 1 foot from the windows behind them, 6 inches from a side wall and 6 inches from the equipment rack which holds my turntable, cd player and preamp. Any suggestions as to what I can do?
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Did you tell the dealer what size room you had before you purchased the speakers? I ask this question because while I haven't found the specs to this speaker I think your room is too small for them. Are you sitting on a concrete slab or what type of floor? It looks like these are acoustic suspension which would reduce some bass bloat. Have you given them enough time to break in? If not put on a cd and let them cook for a couple days. These speakers need space to breath. A room that size should not have a speaker that goes below 40Hz. The bass could be overwhelming. Acoustic dampening could help. I have heard systems setup like yours with smaller speakers and a small sub and it integrated much better than a floorstander. I have had the same problem in my 13x14 foot room. But I have two 12" Dali subs (acoustic suspension)that integrates well.
Try placing the speakers at the long square end of the room. I would start with them about 6 feet apart and sit about 6 feet away and make sure your tweeter is at ear level or close. See if it helps. The position of the amps may not change much. Placing them on an amp stand may have some positive effect.
I still suspect the speakers are not broken in or room is too small. Wires (interconects or speaker wires) could be a factor too.
Any room, especially one that small, will benefit tremendously from acoustical room treatment. It is likely that the midrange and treble are being overwhelmed by the mid-bass in your setup. You could build some bass traps for the corners and some acoustical absorption panels for the first refection points that will tame these bass nodes and early relections.

A few months ago, I did just that and it was the best $500 I ever spent on audio, even though my room is much larger. If you are interested in knowing more about how to do this, email me.

Good luck.
I second the acoustical room treatment suggestion.

I also have a small room -- 10.5 by 12.5. I have been working with it now for 2 years. Small rooms have special needs in terms of speakers and treatments.

The Decware website has an excellent white paper on treatments and small rooms.

The side walls need to be diffusive. For the front and back walls, one needs to be absorptive and one needs to be diffusive. In my roon the back wall is absorptive and the front is diffusive.

Treatments will make all of the difference in the world. I would rather have an average system in an excellent room than the other way around.

Good luck. Email me if you have any questions.
Thanks for the responses. I am actually working on amp stands right now, so let's see if that makes a difference. As for cables, I am using the Cable Research Labs bronze series. They're inexpensive and the only other cable that I prefer to these is the Cardas Golden Reference, which is currently out of my price range.
Does anyone have a suggestion for acoustical room treatment? Where should I look?
I should say that out of cables that I have heard, which include the Nordost Heimdall, the most basic XLOs, Cardas Crosslink, LFDSilver Horizon, and Kimber8 TC, the CRL cables have sounded the best on my system in terms of the price. The Golden Reference and the Heimdal's sounded really good, but they are out of my price range.