Equipment that has made you 'stop' looking?

OK we all know what a merry-go-round audio can be. For those of us who are incessant upgraders, what components have you found that either have stopped or seriously curtailed your search for better?

For me its my Audio Tekne Cables and my vintage Classe DR3 amps (25 wpc high current class A design designed by Dave Reisch in the early days of the company). My Green Mountain Audio Continuum 3s would probably fall into this category, but I would probably buy the next statement models that Roy Johnson builds sight unheard.

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Audio Horizons 2.0 preamp, Transparency power cords and interconnect cables.
Superb products from Joseph Chow at very reasonable prices.
Densen B100. I'll use this amp until either it or I expire. Whichever comes first (hopefully the amp !)
I second Gamecock's comments about the TP 2.0 preamp and Transparency cables from Audio Horizons. Also, let me add another Audio Horizon's product to the list: the TD 3.0 tube DAC. All of them superb products at very reasonable prices.
I would have to say that my Blue Circle BC3 preamp, which has been with me for over 5 years, has been one of the few audiophile components that lived up to and even exceeded my expectations. I find it hard to find a really good preamp and I think Blue Circle has done a really fine job with preamps in their line.
Other than the VS VR4jr, I'd have to say the AKG K1000 - I can't imagine sound getting better than this as far as headphones go.