equitech vs. BPT

I understand that balanced power conditioners are the way to go today. Both equitech and balanced power technologies are very good and reputable. Which would you choose? Please advise.
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I use the BPT 3.5 in my system with great results. Check out its review at www.6moons.com
Well I haven't got a good answer for you but I do have a word of advice. Equi=tech isn't exactly an "audiophile" company so if you do compare the products I would strongly suggest trying a decent power chord on the equi=tech. The BPT folk provide a nicer one with their products and so the comparison is a touch skewed out of the box. I would be a bit worried about all of that silver wiring (I believe) in the BPT. I personally use the 1.5Q equi=tech and find that sitting it on a good shelf not just plunk on the carpet and putting a decent cord on it (cardas golden ref, Blue Circle 62 (i think), audience power cord) makes it a good relaxed, get out of the way and let the shading and detail come through without over emphasising. It also helps give a little more definition to the soundstage and images without over-doing it. I like it.

Hope that helps
I dug up something from the archives for you as this was discussed sometime back. Audiogon member "labtec" did some extensive research on these 2 companies (as is alluded to in his post). You might want to contact him as well.

Hope that this helps.
One of those brands is UL third-party listed and labeled. The other isn't...like so much other audio products.