Eric Clapton reveals this week of his declining health

The King of Electric Guitar this week, Eric Clapton, announced to the news media that he is just about completely deaf from severe tinnitus and is suffering nerve damage to his hands that will in just a matter of time compromise his ability to play. When Clapton goes it will be the end of the Rock era as we know it.

Years ago, B.B.King was asked at a press conference who he thought was the greatest rock guitarist of all time, he replied,
"My personal opinion?..."Eric Clapton is the greatest rock and roll guitar player of all time." 1986

When I think of his work I think mostly of what he did in the 60's, which is hard to touch--so many fine solos of the "wish I could've done that" variety.  Derek & the Dominoes has its moments.  After that the high points are Unplugged and From the Cradle.  Also, he did a great track with Taj Mahal:  Here in the Dark.  Most of his work in the 70's and 80's leaves me cold at best and, at worst, turns my stomach.  In short, he runs the gamut of extremes.  Like McCartney, an extraordinary but uneven talent.
sorry to hear this, however he may still sing. 

as to bb king's note, perhaps he said this in some particular context. 

taking into account the contribution by unit time of life, i would
perhaps give some priority to jimi hendrix
I wonder if Eric Clapton is still living with his most recent wife in Columbus, OH. I saw him twice with Cream in the 60's and he was great, but when I saw him in the 1970's (unfortunately, my mother had to take me to that concert and she sat with me) - he was practically falling down dead drunk and insulting Yvonne Elliman.

I loved Hendrix both with the Experience and with the Band of Gypsies in concert.

If you like Jeff Beck, I would recommend Joe Bonamassa - I like his album "Blues of Desperation", especially his solo on an overlooked song called "No Good Place for the Lonely." However, most of his music is compressed - you need an audio system that can deal with this...

As I know, he's still on track and it doesn't seem like everything is that bad, so I hope that he manages to give us many concerts in the future because, without him, the whole era will end. I used to have some problems with my nerves as well, but after I started taking full spectrum cbd oil, I started feeling better. Of course, I don't think that something like that will help him much, but I just hope he finds a way to cope with that.

Sad to hear. The end of an era is upon us. I love riding with the king. A tuxedo and a shiny 335...