Escalante Fremont

What is their general sonic character?I have heard more conflicting reviews/remarks than any other speaker I have interest in.
I have an hones opinion based on owning and hearing a many pairs of speakers costing as much as or more than the Freemonts. If you don't like my opinion, that fine, but it is my opinion. You always seem to post negative comments here on the forums. Your business must really suck and you have nothing better to do. I suggested for the poster to give them a listen and let him decide for himself. Instead of being an ass why don't you post something useful or helpful once in a while!!!
Your a tough guy Audiofeil. Judging by the Speaker lines you carry, I will take that as a compliment. Maybe you should get your hearing checked.
11-25-09: Audiofeil
Hit a nerve did I Sparky?

That pretty much seems to be your total reason for existence on these pages.