Esoteric F-07, F-05, Levinson 585

I’m going to trade my Naim Star in for a better integrated.   My choices are: Esoteric F-05, Esotric F-07 or Levinson 585.  I have not heard the new Levinson 5805 yet as it has not hit dealer shelves yet.
I only put the F-07 in because I might not need that much power in my 12x12 listening room. My speakers are Sonus Faber Sonetto VIII with Nordost Frey 2 cabling.
I like a tight bass and not so bright highs.  Any comments would be appreciated as I have never owned these brands.

I appreciate the suggestions.
Since you own both brands of integrateds......what is the sound difference between the 585 and F-03?
My speakers are Sonus Faber’s Sonetto VIII and I use Nordost Frey 2 cabling.

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Agree with previous post about the 585 being the best on the list. It’s anything but boring. Try to give each a listen and trust your ears. 

I understand everyone has his own views on system components, but this is the first time i I saw a $6000 speakers paired a $4000 speaker cables. I bet you can get more gain on sound quality by buying a $10,000 with a $1000 cable. The absolute most important component in your system are: Speakers.Just my 2 cents