Esoteric Grandioso K1x SE ......when are they going to be available here in the US ?

Hello Audiogon members - I have been hearing a lot about this new one box player with the SE addition. I noticed on the Esoteric / TEAC USA site that these were available and being shipped in November of 2023. I have had some discussions with others and the date here in the US is floating around the late February time. What is the hold up and is it due to the '' new '' distributor here in the US for Esoteric ? I am surprised that a company such as Esoteric / TEAC is having once again distribution issues here in the US. If anybody has any information on this player and or what the true hold up is in getting these players to the US, it would be appreciated. Thank you .....    


…….waited too long, went with Accuphase separates DC DP 1000 . Very pleased and glad I made this move 

I am very happy that you made the right choice. I used to own Esoteric players and the transport reliability just wasn't what I paid for. Very disappointing. 


Whom is your Accuphase Dealer/Retailer? Feel free to PM me if you do not want to divulge here.


Happy Listening!