Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1

Hello, wanted to start a thread on the new flagship Esoteric Grandioso P1 D1 digital system. Haven't seen any out there and also there is not much information on the web either. Just a couple of reviews and that is about it.

Idea is to share experiences and knowledge on this digital playback system from owners, people that has listened to it, with first hand experience for whatever reason, or just for those who may be interested to ask questions as potential future owners...

If you are reading this, you probably know the system is composed of 4 pieces: A transport, the power unit of transport, and 2 mono DACs for each channel.

Additionally, you can use (and I do recommend it to a great extend) the clock G01, so overall a 5 pieces system.

This digital replaces the old 01 which has been in the market for a long time and brings new interesting features it will be nice to discuss in depth.

Some are quite new or at least not seen before in high end audio like the use of a proprietary transfer protocol (ES-LINK 4) using HDMI cables.

it allows direct DSD and 352.8kHz/48bit PCM ultrawideband digital transmission using an HDMI cable for each DAC.

But most importantly, to discuss it's music reproduction qualities and different configurations and experinces.

Despite being out there for a while already, I can't understand why there hasn't been much said about them. I guess Esoteric should expend a bit in adds to get the atention of the pro audio publications... :-)

Anyway, I have these for less then a month, and despite having very little hours on them, they are quite something. However they are still evolving so will wait on my side a while still to talk in detail about the sound.

Hope this thread is of use and helps owners, potential ones, and others gather and share lots of information.

Interesting thread. I've decided to just muddle by with my P02/D02 and see where the market is around CES time. I have a rubidium clock but don't have it in the system due to spatial constraints. Not even thinking about how to squeeze a 4-box source into my new rack. :-)

If Esoteric brings the new P01/D01 to RMAF this fall, I will definitely give it a listen. Without hearing the new pieces, I struggle with the concept of spending lots more money to marginally improve upon the existing performance of my p02/D02. My best option, if I like what I hear at RMAF, is to get the pieces into my system and see how they sound. I am also a bit concerned about Esoteric now being run by a mid-fi company, but that's another issue for another thread...
Harve, in fairness, Teac was never born as a consumer audio high end company either.... Its bread and butter consumer audio products were lower to barely mid-fi at best, before they gradually opened up with Esoteric offerings.

Thus, I am not too concerned with Integra's past... Though its future in the high end is still unclear and requires some corroboration.

My concern is future support for what would be a new major investment, as we've already discussed... :-)
Hi Fplanner. You should try to find ways to use the clock. It does have a great effect on the 02s. But assume you know that. As for the 01s, the difference with the 02s is not small. Better in many material ways. If you listen to them in a familiar system you will be able to tell right away.

I am wondering on the HDMI cables. It is clearly the way to connect these things. Just wondering what kind of effect can have the cables in SQ. They come with a model from VDH. But you don't find that many HDMI cables out there. Auidoquest have one model, I think Nordost just came out with another one and Siltech has one on their mid series classic anniversary. They told me they can't produce a Royal signature HDMI cable given the connectors are too thin for a cable of high diameter.

I will try the Siltechs, but if anyone has an opinion if HDMI cables do make a difference in sound it would be interesting to hear.
I'll join Fplanner2000 in 'muddling' through with my P02/D02/C02 combo; as far as muddling is concerned, I think I'm doing just fine :-)

I can only imagine based upon the comments above from Tom and others who have owned the 02 series, just how good the new 01s must sound but I'll have to stow the 'jealous obsessive audiophile gene' away for now until that lottery ticket comes in!

Interesting thing about the clock (I'm a big fan) with the P02/D02 is that I found that when using the standard clocking modes of the D02 (176.4) to drive the P02, I kind of missed the separate clock but frankly ever since I kicked the D02 clock into 22.5792 Mhz master clock output mode, I've not looked back and question an absolute need to get a 'more precise' clock....the system simply sounds very good, very musical and just 'right' in so many ways. Having had the G0s for several years, it was extremely good and imparted a huge amount of accuracy to the reproduction but it was not until I stepped down to a 'less accurate' clock that I got the realism and musicality I was looking for. I'm sure Eso has improved things in this regard as of late but for where I am, I am happy.

As far as using HDMI, I've tried it with P-03U/D-03 and now the P-02/D-02. Perhaps ES-LINK4 with the O1s has improved things but at least with the 03 and 02 generation, Dual-AES cables are still 'where it's at' so to speak for the best in musical playback....

High-End HDMI and USB (and Ethernet) cable offering prices are off the charts compared to what's actually going on inside those cables. The same can be said for RCA, Analog, Speaker and Power cords but frankly given what HDMI and USB cables actually route and do, the prices are proportionately that much more ludicrous from the SOTA manufacturers (just an opinion, don't shoot the messenger)....