Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
No Esoteric transport or single-box player I have ever used supports "Dual Disc". You will get "Disc Error" every time.......its in the manuals as well, or at least it was/is for the DV-50X, UX-1, UX-1 Ltd, P-03, P03U and P-02.
.... I do even know what a dual disc is .....I only have Red Book Cd's or SCADs. None the less, it got jammed again and I shipped it back to the dealer ....and out of weeks of ownership it has been only played about 8 days due large in part to the BS surrounding this issue.....Nice ....still no call from Esoteric
Dual Disk is the primary reason that you should have no pity for the music industry. This is the kind of product you design if you're secretly working for a competing company, and want to put them out of business. Back when SACD and DVDA were new formats struggling for market share to replace the already obsolete CD format, and when DVD was on the decline due to new formats like Blu Ray, the industry came up with Dual Disc. They took a red book CD and put it on one side of a disk and a standard DVD on the other side. 2 obsolete formats. Then, top off their stupidity, they made a Dual Discs thicker than a CD/DVD, so they got jammed in everyones players.
So true.....Dual Discs often have computer-friendly content on one side (DVD side); why they chose to do this and make the discs thicker than standard CD and SACD is beyond me.
....almost a month in call from Esoteric and still NO player. The dealer is doing the best that he can ....but Esoteric customer service is just plain awful. Just letting everybody here on Audiogon know that before buying....not happy at all !