Esoteric K-03 X - mechanical problems w tray

...just bought a brand new Esoteric K-03X player and have only 14 hours on it and the tray is jammed and the disc is stuck inside. Real nice for this price will see I had the Esoteric P-05 and the D-05 for almost 8 years which I sold here on Audiogon and NEVER had one problem with those pieces. I think I read where others owners were having the same issue...if this is the case not a happy owner. Not to mention the box weighs almost 100 lbs and who is going to pay for shipping and the hassle of boxing it etc. After 40 years with this hobby .....more of a headache anymore than fun !
Are you sure the player is broken? Sometimes if you don't place the disk on the tray exactly right, the transport may jam.

More importantly, if you have a brand new unit with 14 hours on it, why wouldn't you try to have it fixed under warranty?
Hello Zd542....the disc actually played and when I went to open the tray up when it had finished playing, is when the trouble started. I have contacted the Esoteric dealer and yes it is under warranty but not happy that after 14 hours I am already having trouble ......and as you know with triple boxes and dead weight of almost 70 lbs and having to go up 14 stairs and then lifting the box into a car to take it to Fed-Ex or UPS not a fun filled afternoon ....I am also curious on who is going to pay for shipping.....and to mention - the down time.
You shouldn't have to go through all that. Just call the dealer and let them worry about it. Even better, ask them for a new one so you don't have to wait.
I have had my KO3x player for 8 months and never have had any kind of problem. It gets used just about every day. i agree with Zd542 above. I have not heard of any one having trouble with the drawer if disk is loaded right... USE YOUR WARRANTY
Thank you guys ......just PO'd......but you are right - let the dealer handle this ! I will keep you posted