Esoteric K03XD

I have the opportunity to buy the Esoteric K03XD at a extremely attractive from a out of state friend.  I trust his ears and he has always bragged about how the XD line was much more musical and organic than previous Esoteric players.  Anyone heard the K03XD? I was never in love with the sound of the older players.  Any feedback about this player would be truly appreciated!
Yes I will have the option of shipping back the player if I don't want to keep it.  I am just trying to get some feedback from owners or others who has heard the K03XD.   Shipping back is always a option but also a pain in the butt.
That’s very nice of him. And I agree shipping is expensive and also very risky. I don’t know - I have something against Esoteric since I had my X-05, which I absolutely hated. Nobody ever says anything bad about Esoteric until the next generation comes out and you start hearing how the last ones sounded "dry" and "sterile", but these new ones are the cat’s ass. Just seems to go that way with that brand. But that's strictly my personal prejudice.  
I have an Esoteric K-01XD SACD player. It is fantastic - the best front end source to my system which includes a Luxman CL1000 preamp, ARC 250SE tube amps, and Wilson DAW speakers. Better than a DCS Vivaldi and the MSB high end systems (I have owned these). Although many do not like MQA, it will unwrap those, and does a wonderful job with DSD, SACD, PCM, PWM-adjustable filters. It is also FPGA, and upgradable. The sound is very tube-like, which may be good or bad, depending on your point-of-view.

Thanks for your on the K-01xd.  Did you own any Esoteric players before the K-01xd?  If you did how did they compare?
I have not heard it, but go to Music Direct and look at the one review of the K-03XD from a buyer/owner:
Well this is something completely different. I've not had it that long and am still running it through its paces but I'm coming to the conclusion that this outperforms any turntable that I'm familiar with. And this is coming from a true dyed in the wool, buried in the analog camp kind of person. It doesn't sound like a cd/sacd player or like any turntable that I'm familiar with. It sounds like master tape. Pretty convinced now that DSD is the way to go. No streamer i have listened to and I have heard some truly great machines don't sound like this. It has changed my world view about playback systems. The fact that some fifty cent discs from a resale shop can sound phenomenal makes it a game changer. Disc after disc in my collection sound like I never heard them before. I will definitely think twice next time some limited $135.00 plus disc comes out. That's it for now and I will be listening to a bunch of Mofi sacd discs recently purchased of music I already own on Mofi One Step pressings. It should be interesting. One more thing; it deserves an additional star. Score: ******