Esoteric Mods

I own an Esoteric P70/D70 Transport and DAC, I am considering having both modded. I have been doing some limited research, however I would like to hear from anyone who has had their Esoteric units modded to get some feedback. My units are still under warranty for another 6 months. I would like to know the names and websites of some reputable companies I can contact. Bottom line is it worth investing into. Thanks for your help
Hello Mmitch7711,
My Esoteric X03 is at RAM for the $2190.00 mod as recommended by Julian Price a fellow Agoner who had his Esoteric modded.
As soon as I get back I will post some info how it sounds against the stock unit, a second unit which I have just purchased.
If the RAM SOTA turns out worthwhile, then I will have my second X03 fitted with RAM's flagship the $2970.00 mod this time.
In the mean time I will contact Audiomod and VSE as suggested by Czbbcl, to find out what they offer.

thx Terry
What is the time frame for performing you mod at RAM. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks
+++I think most audio moders are more like local mechanics who put a fast chip or wider tires on a car+++

That's what you get for thinking
I apologize.That was just plain rude.I am a mechanic and have taken a beating (stress-wise) lately , but that doesn't justify taking it out on Tbg. especially when I think he's right. Again , I apologize for my behavior.