ESOTERIC N-01 Replacement For My PS Audio BHK Preamp & Directstream Dac with Brige ll

I have Auditioned the Esoteric Grandioso K1 on several occasions and I cant seem to find anything that comes close. My thoughts where to replace my BHK Preamp and Directream Dac for the Esoteric N-01 Network Player Dac since it is the same Dac as the Grandioso's minus the Super Audio CD Player. My thoughts is to go with the Esoteric N-01 XLR out to my Audio Research 160S direct and use it as a digital Preamp only out to my Focal #2’s.

I can tell you that the Grandioso is totally one of the best if not the best I have ever heard second to the Lampinzator Golden gate. As you already know the N-01 is the Grandioso without the transport. The only one that has totally peeked my interest "And Trust me I'm Pickey" is the LuminX1 based on what I have heard from a a very respected dealer who as owned all 3 lines. The Lumin is in the Cross hairs because I love FPGA updates and there Lumin App. With all that in mind I can't wait to here one live in my current system If you have any doubt reach out to Mike at Suncoat Audio in Sarasota Florida where all the HIFI Ballers buy high-end. He is easy and a sincere guy to talk with absolutely no pressure and might even entertain an in home demo for you.


Thanks for the additional thoughts!

I forgot to ask you, previously - were you able to try any of the MSB DACs?

Since my original question, I have become more interested in MSB and T+A SDV 3100, actually!
Anyone get in an N-01XD yet?

As an N-01 owner, I’m curious about the sonic differences between the two.
i bough the K1 back in 2018 and at the same time I also compared the N-01. 
K1 was a better sounding machine when Listing to CD. The dynamic was better, more powerful in sounding. I found N-01 was a bit too cold and narrow in sound, so I bought K1.

last week, I went to my dealer and borrowed the N-01XD, after listening to the new N-01Xd, I was very surprised with the details, better base, the sonic was fully occupying my listening room! It was a big step up! I could not believe there were still have so much room for improvement with this new FPGA DAC ! 
2 days ago, I traded in my K1 and now the N-01XD is seating in my listing room! 
I will suggest to go pass the N-01, get the N-01XD! Roon ready, MQA compatible! Upgradable FPGA DAC, 64bit architecture, you would not regret! 
blacklouis514 - 

I already had an N-01 so was interested in the difference in sound quality with the new N-0 XD.  I originally got the N-01 as it was a better DAC compared to my K-01X and supported TIDAL MQA which my K-01X did not.

 I've  since heard the new FPGA DAC is really good and a big step up from the N-01 DAC    

 Do you still spin discs and if so, are you using a transport in to your N-01XD?