Esoteric or CEC cd-transport

I'm looking for a cheap cd-transport (around 1000-1500 USD). Any ideas what models from Esoteric or CEC fit this price range? Preferably a used one.

The current system is made of Luxman components only - DAC DA-06, C-600F and M-600A amps.
I've never owned an Esoteric, but have had several CEC units. I currently use a CEC TL-2 and find it to be the best transport that I have ever owned, (and I've owned LOTS of them).

I'm sure either one would be an excellent choice.
TEAC is the parent company of Esoteric obviously their high end division. I would hope they apply some of what they use for Esoteric into TEAC, but I wouldn't count on it. If they put Neo -VRDS in a reasonably priced TEAC CD player, I would buy one immediately
Congrats on getting the CEC transport! They have a very engaging, smooth and effortless sound. Since they're a belt drive design they may require some service over the years, but are much better sounding in my opinion as a transport compared to the Esoteric models.