Esoteric UX-1 V Esoteric DV60 SA60, 5.1 Music

I run a Esoteric SA 60 for 5.1 music only.I have a chance to buy a Esoteric UX-1 LE.Any surround sound music fans gone down this track with some opinions?

P.S I originally bought the SA 60 over the DV 60 expecting a positive difference between the 2 but understand now they would be the same...
UX-1 has a MUCH better transport, if that sort of thing is important to you. Should give you better sound, but will depend upon how resolving the rest of your system is.
The rest of the system is very good.I was surprised to see a Esoteric SA 60 go for $1800 on ebay.So to spend $5000 on the Esoteric UX-1 LE I would like to know I would be getting a audible difference.Also as I will be playing 5.1 music for many years to come I don't expect new models to cater for an OLD format.
Cheers Stump