Esoteric Wagner Solti Ring SACD Box Set....

Has anyone heard these in detail? The price was extremely high and they seem near-impossible to find. What are your listening impressions of what was reported to be a landmark release in extremely limited edition back in 2009-2010?

Anyone have a box set in great condition you are looking to sell?
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I would be inclined under the circumstances to go for the standard CD version. How bad could it be?
the big box CD collector issue also have the DVD and Blue-ray audio disc, so I am seeing that as some sort of value, but the SACD has some more of the natural sound which you can have on good SACD (DSD) remaster.... I have both.
Thank you...I have 2 different versions/editions of the Solti Ring (and several others) on CD all remastered. They are very good indeed; i have not picked up the DVD+BluRay version as I do not have a universal player upstairs with the 2-channel system. There is an Oppo 105D in the living room for watching movies but no big system down there due WAF....