I am looking for an SACD player with great redbook as well.
My price range is $5000.00 with a $7500.00 maximum. It seems nearly impossible to hear the Esoteric X-03 along
with the Ayre C5XE. I'd prefer to buy after hearing both together. Has anybody out there heard the two together, or
personally owns either and can venture their opinion as to the quality of sound that each produces?
Yes, there appear now to be SE versions of the UX-3 and X-03 available in the US. Please see:
As the X-03 and corresponding SE version are natively optimized for audio, they would be more appropriate to compare with modded universal players whose modifications have also been optimized for audio.
Frankpiet, I own a esoteric DV-50 S what mods do you reccomend and who does these mods? Thank ARF
I would consider Wadias new CDP'S , if like any thing old of past, they certainly will be awsome...
The mods were performed by RAM. They offer a bunch of varieties. Mine has got the US $ 1.190,00 (budget upgrade). I once heard (not in my system) the fully loaded DV-50 S with their US $ 2.790,00 statement upgrade and it simply blew away the two contenders (stock) Wadia 861 SE and Esoteric UX-1. By the way: the modded DV-50 S replaced my Accuphase DP-67 and Audio Aero Capitole MK II - and I never looked back..
Frankpiet, as the TEAC UX-1 is an AV multichannel player, it was never optimized for 2 channel audio. It is well known that its 2 channel audio performance is not state of the art. It would make more sense to compare these modified devices with the X-01 or the X-01 Limited, which are 2 channel machines. have you ever performed such a comparison?