Esound E5 Cd player

Does anyone here own one of these units? Seems to getting a lot of positive press. I was wondering what it's main strengths are? Thanks.
The reason E5 is very cheap now is no distributor or dealer in USA, so Cattylink has direct ship from China factory to your house triple boxed.

I am currently using E5 as transport to highly modded Bel Canto Dac 2, has latest Phillips VAM laser and TCCO clock, sounds very good used as a CDP also with Crystal 4390 Dac.
Yes, I've had one for 16 months. As Megasam said it easily competes with the BEST $2000 players. Go to in the dedicated source forum. Do a little searching and you will find a thread which has well over 1000 responses dealing with the E5 and Cattylink.

I been in audio since 1973 and it is the most satisfying component purchase I have ever made. I would say based on build, components used and sound what we have is a $3000-3500 player that just happens to cost $750 and be made in China.

Follow Megasams link and you can check out the Audioholic review of the E3. A discontinued Eastsound player that sold for 60% of what the E5 does and is several generations behind current production E5's. They must of been very impressed. After the review the E3 became the player in their reference system.

You can also check out my "review" of the E5 at Cattylink. Not really a review just a response to a post I made on Audio Asylum.

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I am considering this unit as a transport. Can anyone speak to its performace in this context (i.e, as a transport)?
I am also considering the E5 special edition, $878 from Cattylink including shipping!
Has any one compared this to the Original or Consonance CD -120 Linear?
i want to know the same question: how would you compare
e5 cd 120 linear and the rega apollo