Essence Super Gem Speakers

I posted a search for Essence Super Gem Speakers in the past. Fortunately, I was contacted by a seller with a pair in excellent condition. I was traveling to the area on other business which would allow me to actually hear these speakers before purchasing. Unfortunately, the seller fell ill and we could not finalize the purchase. I'm still looking for Essence Super Gem Speakers as I have not found any others I like as I did these.  Per my previous post, I bought these wonderful speakers in 1992, used them for 12 years, and then kept them well cared for in storage.  Unfortunately, when I took them out of storage I made a huge error and overloaded them. The tweeter in one and both the tweeter and woofer in the other were blown out.  I'm heartsick as these were of such pure sound listening to them was mesmerizing.
Does anyone know if Dale Pitcher is still around as he designed/engineered these?  And, if yes does anyone have a contact number for him?  
Or does anyone have a pair for sale in very good condition?
Lastly, what would be a comparable and/or better floor speaker today?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
There is a pair of sale on US Audiomart. He has them listed as pick up only and is in Illinois. They have been for sale for quite a while. He is including an expensive set of stands with them, but I think the price is still a bit high. They are a very nice speaker. 
To: csmgolf
Thank you ever so much for this lead! I found the ad on US Audiomart & sent an inquiry to the seller. Without your response, I would not have found this ad as I've never heard of US Audiomart before. Much appreciated.