Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up

Curiosity got the better of me recently and I tried a pretty cheap tweak where I used two Fiber Optic converters between the eero access point and my Lumin U1 Mini streamer. Converted from copper Ethernet to fiber optic then back to copper and then into streamer using my Supra Cat8. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the improvements this change had brought into my system and now I am wondering if I can do better. One other aspect of the current configuration that I don’t like is the clutter - each unit comes with it’s own power supply and add to that a fiber optic cable. I already have a spider web of wires and am not looking to add to that. 

Objective is to have as much noise, RFI and EMI removed before it reaches the streamer. 

Seeking opinions on the following units from those who had tried them in their systems:

  1. English Electric Network Switch 8 (Silent Angel is pretty much the same thing)
  2. Uptone EtherREGEN (currently out of stock)
  3. Network Acoustics Eno (box or streaming system)


What is your experience with these units?

Anything else to add to the above list? 


Thanks in advance!


@audphile1, that sounds like you’re on the right path now. The switches that Rob suggested I use are pretty moderately priced as are the iFi xPower SMP supply units. 

@audioman58 +1 on the Sonore products you mentioned and I use them and the results have been outstanding and a true difference maker in SQ

For me personally, the pinnacle of any upgrade, allows me to hear the same tried and true music I've been listening to year after year, format after format, 100s of times over and the playback is evolved to the best version of said music I've heard on my specific system in my specific room.  It's not like hearing the song for the first time but it does inspire me to get reacquainted with my entire music library, because I know I stand the chance to hear the new best version of each song

Adding the Sonore products to my streaming front end provided that level of SQ improvement on my system

Enjoy the journey 

I too like the Sonore products. If going optical route with usb dac, Sonore OpticalRendu is sublime. Powered by Uptone JS-2 easily one the best network and usb rendering upgrades I've made.


Whether one chooses to go optical or ethernet, only optimization allows one to hear full potential of either. Some amount of clutter is necessary with streaming, plenty of positive experiences with add on devices attest to that.

I've owned the ER w/pls & the ENOag. Both provide slight but noticeable improvement to the SQ. Slightly more detail in top end, more natural & relaxed I guess you might say. I then purchased the SR UEF switch which bested both ER & ENO all by itself! Adding ER & ENO to the switch configuration provided a very slight improvement to my setup. Then I noticed the MUON ag filter pop up on the NA website so I decided to give that a try after switch & before Integrated/DAC. Slightly more relaxed without sacrificing detail. Have not tried MUON straight from router to the amp. Kept it in my chain. Waiting on Sonore Optical Module kit so I can compare.