Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up

Curiosity got the better of me recently and I tried a pretty cheap tweak where I used two Fiber Optic converters between the eero access point and my Lumin U1 Mini streamer. Converted from copper Ethernet to fiber optic then back to copper and then into streamer using my Supra Cat8. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the improvements this change had brought into my system and now I am wondering if I can do better. One other aspect of the current configuration that I don’t like is the clutter - each unit comes with it’s own power supply and add to that a fiber optic cable. I already have a spider web of wires and am not looking to add to that. 

Objective is to have as much noise, RFI and EMI removed before it reaches the streamer. 

Seeking opinions on the following units from those who had tried them in their systems:

  1. English Electric Network Switch 8 (Silent Angel is pretty much the same thing)
  2. Uptone EtherREGEN (currently out of stock)
  3. Network Acoustics Eno (box or streaming system)


What is your experience with these units?

Anything else to add to the above list? 


Thanks in advance!


@audphile1 wrote:

Set up 5 and 6: The FMC in the chain reduced noise, improved imaging and soundstage but with the FMC I could hear thinner mid and lower bass (although clean and tuneful the bass was just slightly lacking), less slam. However, as I said, because of the improvements achieved here I think this a better configuration than the EERO direct into Lumin. The NA Eno between FMC and Lumin did not help with the thinned out midbass and bass. 

This is correct.  Kind of?  The bass seemed thinner because it (fiber isolation) was stripping away distortion.  And if you have big, powerful speakers (Legacy Focus SEs in my case) this is 100% welcomed.  Actually any time you remove distortion - anywhere in the audio frequency band, it is never a bad thing, IMO.  Going fiber all the way from router to FMC before streamer is even better.  Much better actually.  And of course a filter (band-aid) won't help restore lowered distortion unless it's adding it's own distortion to the signal!

I was planning on trying the Muon as next streaming experiment, the following review gives me pause.


This for placement between router and server, already tried fiber and audiophile switch without success, preference is router powered by lps direct to server.

@sns  thanks for the link.

He’s not exactly raving (he if can rave) about the Muon. But, he does admit it to being better than the Eno, which he was very enthusiastic about. So I guess it’s a question of trying it out. Its impact will be dependent on the streamer mostly, I guess. I don’t have one of those rinky, dinky Grimm streamers, just a "common-or-garden" Zenith Mk3.

I’ve decided to "what the heck!", and get one as well and try side-by-side with my new Eno. If I don’t I’ll always be wondering, so now’s the time to do it while my Eno is in its 30-day return period.

@fthompson251 ,  I discussed my setup with the Network Acoustics guys before purchasing the Eno.  The advice I got was to put any switch (doesn't have to be a fancy audiophile one) between your wifi router and the Eno.  The switch should have a decent power supply.

I have a TP-LINK TL-SG105S with an iFi iPower X 5V.  As a noise removal step, it's only about £120, so quite the bargain.