Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up

Curiosity got the better of me recently and I tried a pretty cheap tweak where I used two Fiber Optic converters between the eero access point and my Lumin U1 Mini streamer. Converted from copper Ethernet to fiber optic then back to copper and then into streamer using my Supra Cat8. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the improvements this change had brought into my system and now I am wondering if I can do better. One other aspect of the current configuration that I don’t like is the clutter - each unit comes with it’s own power supply and add to that a fiber optic cable. I already have a spider web of wires and am not looking to add to that. 

Objective is to have as much noise, RFI and EMI removed before it reaches the streamer. 

Seeking opinions on the following units from those who had tried them in their systems:

  1. English Electric Network Switch 8 (Silent Angel is pretty much the same thing)
  2. Uptone EtherREGEN (currently out of stock)
  3. Network Acoustics Eno (box or streaming system)


What is your experience with these units?

Anything else to add to the above list? 


Thanks in advance!


@jjss49 I found fiber post server via FMC and OpticalRendu powered by Uptone JS2 to be of great benefit. In fact I've tried many devices POST server that have been of benefit. It's just I've not found switches or fiber PRE server to be of any benefit.


What I did find to be of benefit PRE server:

1.  lengthening  coax to bring modem close to my setup, together with high quality ethernet cable modem to router

2. lps on router (router very close to my setup as well, connected via high quality ethernet cable to server).

3. experimenting with Shakti Stone I had laying around on top of modem.


ahh got it, i did not appreciate the distinction pre vs post music server...

i think the prevaling thinking is that much noise is going to be on the overall lan, put there by the everyday gear that operates on it, cable modem/router, home office computers, printers, hard wired commodity smart devices, the like... so the key is noise filtration/isolation coming out of the network into the streamer that processes the specific digital feed bearing the music

Following the experience of someone on here (I forget who), I have tried the Eno connected directly from my Orbi satellite into the Zenith - ditching the TP-Link switch (with ifi power supply). And yes, very much so, the SQ was far better. Richer, more analogue, more dynamics, better rhythm.

Just one note of worry, though. With this configuration, several tracks just suddenly stopped - suggesting intermittent internet connection (streaming hires from Qobuz).  In fact, tracks stopping is more common than not.  The Zenith's web interface also struggles to download details of Qobuz playlists, for example

I’ve rebooted the Orbi and the Zenith but the issue returns. But very worrying, but also frustrating as the sound quality is just where I want it.

Has anyone else experienced this?

You'd think a high quality switch would lend lower noise floor to network vs router. If I could do without wifi I'd go with switch, but adding switch to router has not worked out well for me. KISS at work here?


Conundrum is theoretical advantages of adding more filters,etc which adds to complexity, vs most direct route.

“I cannot hear it in my system then it provides no value to me.”


I couldn’t agree with you anymore. There are so many variables in play when it comes to digital streaming. No two setups are alike, so experimenting from plethora of options in switches, filters and other tweaks is the only way to know what works or doesn’t work in your system. In my experience, I found ENO filter to be way better on its own in terms of performance upgrade (again in my system) than many other options currently available in ENO’s price range.