Ethernet cable for Streaming

I wish to use a CAt8 ethernet cable from router to a streamer (not yet purchased). I need a 50ft cable. Was considering Monoprice 24ga cable. The cost of that cable is ~$50. 

Will the 50ft length cause me a problem regarding sonics?

If so, are there versions of this cable that would better serve other than Monoprice?  

Thanks in advance for any help on this. 
Why not use a wifi extender? Then you can use a shorter run of cable from the extender to streamer. Same cost with easier implementation
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Or if you have a node system you can add a node there for <$50. I just got 2 nodes for mine @$80.
I just ran a 50' Cat6 ethernet line under my house from router to laptop and the sound is *much* better than it was on Wi-Fi.  Seems like it's more of everything and smoother at the same time.  I say go for it.

Fluke says max perm. line for Cat8 is 78' but you won't need that speed.  Cat6 is like 300' or thereabouts and will handle a gigabit/sec.

(You can verify all of this with a Google search)

Suggest you might want to consider running fiber optics.  There are relatively inexpensive routers with that capability and there are a number of switches with it should you wish to convert back to copper into streamer.    
WiFi extends WiFi, not hard wire..

Cat 8 is some great stuff. Great terminal ends. Very tight connection and very good individual wire separation. I tore a cable apart and looked. I paid 10.00 usd for the cable.. It was a ribbon, thick insulation, the terminal ends are really well shielded just like the cable.. I went from CAT 5 to Cat 8.. Everything is better with a 14.00 cable change..

Neither cable ever had errors, BUT a serious speed increase though.

I ran one at 10 feet one at 25 feet, one at 50 feet to the back room..

It’s a co-axel to the box.. Router to laptops use Cat 8 now... A 100% increase in download and 50% increase in upload, with all 3 runs . Bidirectional protocol.