Ethernet Cable or Not?

Hey everybody,

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

I use an inexpensive WiFi receiver to send a signal to a Schiit Dac, then to my Integrated.

The wireless signal never lags/buffers, but sometimes music sounds better to me than others. Very well could be in my head, tinnitus intensity, etc.

Line of sight to my router is approximately seven feet, and a ten foot cable would do the job and for the most part be hidden.

Is a wired connection between a router and WiFi receiver the way to go if one is possible? Or if I’m not having buffering should I let it be? (I don’t own a cable to try but can pick one up if it’s likely to help of course.)

Thanks for the help!
A big advantage of Audioquest Ethernet cables is they honor the inherent directionality in wires just like Audioquest speaker cables, power cords and HDMI cables. Not to mention they employ high silver content connectors. In other words they’re a couple paradigm shifts ahead of the commercial grade stuff.
Thanks again, very good points!

I’ve looked at some LPS options and they can get pricey. Please recommend a cost effective option if you know of one, I may be overthinking this.

Also, If I upgrade my WiFi receiver to a Blusound Node2 would that be a big step up, or would the LPS still be needed?

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Geoffy, how would you advise a cable manufacturer to determine the directionality of a piece of cable?
@sleepwalker65, you were right the first time re "advise" and "advice."  

My perception over the years, btw, has been that on a percentage basis what might possibly be the most common linguistic error made in posts here is substitution of "advise" for "advice." For example, people asking for "advise" rather than "advice." But in this case you used "advise" correctly.

-- Al