Ethernet Cable or Not?

Hey everybody,

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

I use an inexpensive WiFi receiver to send a signal to a Schiit Dac, then to my Integrated.

The wireless signal never lags/buffers, but sometimes music sounds better to me than others. Very well could be in my head, tinnitus intensity, etc.

Line of sight to my router is approximately seven feet, and a ten foot cable would do the job and for the most part be hidden.

Is a wired connection between a router and WiFi receiver the way to go if one is possible? Or if I’m not having buffering should I let it be? (I don’t own a cable to try but can pick one up if it’s likely to help of course.)

Thanks for the help!
Ahhh, bok! You finally admit that we don’t care about directionality because it is a fictional concept. 
Wire is directional in DC circuits and AC circuits. It’s not really rocket science, Sleepy. Wake up and smell the coffee. ☕️

My setup seems most similar to yours. I run a chromecast audio via optical into a peachtree decco65. I had a 50’ cat 7 cable, so I figured I’d buy $12 ethernet adapter and connect the cable to the chromecast. This tweak made the least difference in all the tweaks I’ve tried so far. I think I can point to a difference in a specific song, but the difference was very minimal--about 99.9% on my setup.

Like you, I’m entirely plugged into the wall. Besides a LPS, the improvement I’m eyeing is the iFi SPIDF reclocker for $150. It purports to isolate the upstream noise, is powered by it’s own low noise power supply, and reclocks the stream. For our low budget streamers, the iFi reclocker seems like a better choice then a LPS for the streamer. At our price range, I wonder whether LPS’s for the streamer and router would make a difference after the iFi reclocker were introduced.


Adding tweaks to Chromecast is like installing performance tires on a Smart car. If you’re eyeing on better streaming SQ, upgrade to a decent streamer like Bluesound Node 2i.

If you choose to add iFi reclocker to Chromecast, please do post your results.

Thanks for the feedback.

What music service are you using?

Are you using an outboard Dac? I use a Schiit Modi Multibit.

Fwiw, I’m using Amazon Music HD. Before, I was streaming from the standard service. The upgrade made a world of difference. I’m very content.

Please let us know how the reclocker works-