Ethernet cables

I started something that I really regret now! I changed my Melco ethernet cable (from switch to streamer) to a very expensive Audioquest Vodka and hated the sound! I returned it and got a similarly priced Atlas Mavros cable which I also hated. Both stripped the life out of the music and while they were very smooth and detailed, they never really got off from sounding dull.
Then just for fun (!) i tried a cheap Cat5e cable that i had in the garage and actually preferred that to all of them, including Melco. 
Anyone had any similar experiences?

Hello, did you use the Grun version of the Atlas Mavros ethernet cable? 

If so, did you listen with and without grounding the cable? 

I have the basic Wireworld Starlight connected from the modem to the router. It's sound quality was noticeably better than the cheap cable I previously used. However, I wasn't able to hear the differences between ethernet cables until the modem and router were fed by a linear power supply. 

Search other threads in Audiogon regarding powering your modem and router with LPSs.

High quality ethernet cables can expose a weak point of your system which might be dirty AC.

The combination of LPSs and a better ethernet cable made a positive improvement in my system. 
I heard a significant improvement in SQ after changing from CAT6 to Supra CAT8. Conductors are separately shielded.

Very interesting. I've researched using a LPS for a router, but never found conclusive evidence of improved SQ. I have a Verizon unit.