Ethernet cables

I started something that I really regret now! I changed my Melco ethernet cable (from switch to streamer) to a very expensive Audioquest Vodka and hated the sound! I returned it and got a similarly priced Atlas Mavros cable which I also hated. Both stripped the life out of the music and while they were very smooth and detailed, they never really got off from sounding dull.
Then just for fun (!) i tried a cheap Cat5e cable that i had in the garage and actually preferred that to all of them, including Melco. 
Anyone had any similar experiences?

hey i have used shunyata ethernet cables over stock and found very big improvements in sound coming from my digital rig.  the improvement was so much that i ended up buying the omega e/net cable.  

a LPS on the router also made a massive difference in my setup.

weirdly this was even when the e/net cable was connecting to a server which was not streaming music (music is on hard disk on server).  it seems noise comes in via the e/net cable in my system and shunyata cables helped with that.  

the difference the cables made were those standard things when noise is lowered (biggest impact on bass and mid-bass i find).

i did try a reunion cat 8 cable which was much cheaper than the shunyata cables.  it was okish but as you indicate sort of gave the sound a stripped out hollowness which was unpleasant.  i went back to stock rather than use that.
@mr_gray,  what LPS are you using with your router? It seems like a nice upgrade to your system.

I wonder if it's helping reduce RFI. The coax feed and the router are full of RFI, as is the wall-wart.

@lowrider57 I use an Uptone Audio JS-2 power supply which has dual output. Therefore, the modem and router were upgraded simultaneously with the introduction of the single JS-2 unit. The point is to remove wall warts out of the system. 
That's a very nice LPS. There are no wall-warts in my system. I am using an upgraded Swagman Labs LPS  with excellent results.
My router and computer are across the room and my curiosity is piqued regarding the use of an LPS on the router. As a side note, the router, all cables on this circuit have high RFI levels. I used a RF sniffer and my audio measures zero RFI. 

Have you checked for RF from the coax hookup to your modem/router?