Ethernet cables

I started something that I really regret now! I changed my Melco ethernet cable (from switch to streamer) to a very expensive Audioquest Vodka and hated the sound! I returned it and got a similarly priced Atlas Mavros cable which I also hated. Both stripped the life out of the music and while they were very smooth and detailed, they never really got off from sounding dull.
Then just for fun (!) i tried a cheap Cat5e cable that i had in the garage and actually preferred that to all of them, including Melco. 
Anyone had any similar experiences?

I tried various CAT5-7 generics before settling on Supra CAT8.  The big moves are with an Ethernet switch between your router and the endpoint, such as SOtM or an Uptone EtherRegen.  Consider an EtherRegen between your router and the Melco.  EtherRegen sounds fine with the stock SMPS, but can be further improved with something as easy as a Zerozone 9V LPS.
My plan was to use Supra cat 8 from panel, to router, to all equipment.  I purchased one terminated cable, then made the mistake of buying the Supra roll of cable and their rj45 connectors, figuring i would do the rest myself. I have since learned that the grounding on the cable can introduce hum in the line if not done properly. 

I've set the cable aside and will use my cat6 I have on hand. How are you guys terminating the ends of the Supra cables? So many different opinions on this, regarding "acting like an antenna" and a bunch of other stuff. I would hate to get the exact issue I'm trying to avoid by installing the cat8. 
@lowrider57 There's no alternative to an LPS. I highly recommend that you utilize an LPS for the router. The cable of the power supply also makes a difference in sound quality. I've made my own from V-Quad Cu21.  

@ludwig99 You might want to consider upgrading your modem as well. DOCSIS 3.1 modems can unlock faster internet speeds from your service.

You should re-evaluate ethernet cables once you've addressed the power supply upgrade. You should be pleasantly surprised.   
I've thought about my router setup and with the power conditioner I'm only getting some good filtering of the cheap power supply. I see that a LPS would have many more benefits.