Ethernet cables

Hello everybody!

I would like to have your opinions about Ethernet cables. I recently saw some silly expensive Ethernet cables! Do you think it is worth spending a huge amount for a cable which transfers data? Your thoughts please! 
Thank you!


I am still laughing about cars without wheels analogy as it would hamper the functionality of any 🚘 whereas cable manufacturers don’t required to include measurements to sell cables and it will still perform as intended. Some manufacturers do include measurements data and specs but most don’t. Yet, we hear audible differences among cable brands regardless of asking price. IME, a better built cables unfolds more information that a generic cable simply can’t….don’t take my word for it, if you have the resources and decent system, try it and report back! 


"cable manufacturers don’t required to include measurements to sell cables and it will still perform as intended. "

Yes they are required to present measurement data. If you buy a data cable on amazon or a pair speaker cables from some major brand like Cardas Kimber (they'r not manufacturers) typically you won't get the data sheet. But when Cardas buys their audio cables (bulk) from cable manufacturers like National Wire/Cable, one of few good American factories, or buy data cables from Sinotek China their cables must come with data sheets that include Construction Details (conductor/insulation/shield/outer jacket), Electrical Characteristics (impedance/ capacitance/propagation velocity/max. current/voltage rating/temp range, etc..

I agree that the analogy wasn't a good one. Yes cables do make a difference I don't deny that... but don't have to be stupidly expensive to be an excellent one. oh and what about that snake oil lamp sitting on the cable practically doing nothing.


I have news for you, fluke tested Ethernet cables even from big name cable manufacturers and found that 80% of them didn’t pass specs even though the manufacturers claimed they did.

There's literally an ocean of different ethernet cables out there, at various price points. And, if you ask what peoples opinions and preferences are in ethernet cables on a forum like this, you're subject to get a thousand different answers. However, at the end of the day, trail and error in your own audio system is the only way to know for certain what sound best in your own audio system. I have found that soliciting ideas recommendations from others can be quite useful and fun. However, at the end of the day (as you probably already know), trail and error is the only way. Happy listening.