Ethernet cables

Hello everybody!

I would like to have your opinions about Ethernet cables. I recently saw some silly expensive Ethernet cables! Do you think it is worth spending a huge amount for a cable which transfers data? Your thoughts please! 
Thank you!

There's literally an ocean of different ethernet cables out there, at various price points. And, if you ask what peoples opinions and preferences are in ethernet cables on a forum like this, you're subject to get a thousand different answers. However, at the end of the day, trail and error in your own audio system is the only way to know for certain what sound best in your own audio system. I have found that soliciting ideas recommendations from others can be quite useful and fun. However, at the end of the day (as you probably already know), trail and error is the only way. Happy listening.

Any thoughts on shielded versus unshielded for Ethernet?

I went 'inexpensive' and bought all BlueJeans ethernet cables a few months back, then watched something on YouTube from a face that said Ethernet cables have to have a good screen and it should be connected both ends.....BlueJeans are not shielded and they recommend against it.



I researched a fair amount before I upgraded my ethernet cables.

Found a few who suggested unshielded Cat6 as the final cable to your streamer.

I have 10m of Blue Jeans Horizontal in-wall Cat6a from my router to my wall outlet (to be installed this month). Settled on Triode Wire Labs ’Freedom’ ethernet cables from wall outlet to switch, and then switch to streamer. The TWL Freedom is unshielded Cat 6, copper cable with Telegärtner RJ45 plugs.

……please correct me if I am wrong here , I do not believe that Cardas buys their cables from another manufacturer. I do believe that they are one of only a few that does manufacture their own cables .  So you might want to look into that statement to see if you are correct .