Ethernet opinions

Hello everyone, I finally got my system setup. I had a few setbacks the past few months. My mom had lung cancer and passed away a month ago. It has been a journey getting my system set up which is part of the fun. I am running Pass Labs XP-12, pass 250.8, and Bricasti M3. My original plan was to run the Bricasti with a EERO mesh network since the modem is on the opposite end of the listening space. Needless to say the EERO mesh would not work and Roon could not see my M3. I was on the phone with Bricasti trouble shooting the issue. I removed my M3 from the system and double checked everything with it hard wired to the modem which worked. I was told I could really use any Ethernet for the most part as long as it’s cat 5 or 6. Well, I returned the EERO and got a 25 foot Ethernet cable from Best Buy for 10 dollars. The sound is much better then I was guessing running a 10 dollar cable, for me it’s deff a temp fix. Especially since I bought two audio quest vodka cables. I am using one of them now connecting the room nucleus to the modem at the moment. I have read a bit about blue Jean cables which seem to hold spec. I don’t see me buying a longer Audio quest vodka cable given the cost. In some ways I feel like I spent more then I should have on the Vodka cables at this point. Opinions please ?



@shtr74sims before you think he is too helpful, you might find it relevant @audphile1 understanding of Ethernet is that he thinks it is a paper smeared with peanut butter, dipped in sand and then crumbled. 

I found this video explaining switches. I hope it helps everyone as much as it has helped me. We are hopefully all here to help each other so there is no need to give each other a hard time.

Apply a good filter when listening to ASR reviews. Amir is very experienced from the EE standpoint but you need to always remember he does these videos to get views and the audience he caters to have certain expectations. Usually they love him trashing all high end equipment, they favor specs and measurements and don’t bother listening. They feel great knowing that their $99 DAC measures better than a $7,000 cd player. That’s pretty much what ASR is all about. The cult and following is pretty amazing though. 

@audphile1 fair point, I saw they were not happy with the AQ Niagara 1200. I am very content with mine. There is zero background noise coming though my speakers when the music is off and the volume cranked up. 

Yup. But in your case your Pass Labs gear as well as the Bricasti are so low noise and quiet. I would run the X250.8 straight from the wall outlet using a good power cord. The M3 will benefit from power conditioning and so will the XP-12 but make sure the power cord feeding the power conditioner is on the level with the rest of the stuff. But I digress…back to ethernet…keep us posted on your progress.