Ethernet opinions

Hello everyone, I finally got my system setup. I had a few setbacks the past few months. My mom had lung cancer and passed away a month ago. It has been a journey getting my system set up which is part of the fun. I am running Pass Labs XP-12, pass 250.8, and Bricasti M3. My original plan was to run the Bricasti with a EERO mesh network since the modem is on the opposite end of the listening space. Needless to say the EERO mesh would not work and Roon could not see my M3. I was on the phone with Bricasti trouble shooting the issue. I removed my M3 from the system and double checked everything with it hard wired to the modem which worked. I was told I could really use any Ethernet for the most part as long as it’s cat 5 or 6. Well, I returned the EERO and got a 25 foot Ethernet cable from Best Buy for 10 dollars. The sound is much better then I was guessing running a 10 dollar cable, for me it’s deff a temp fix. Especially since I bought two audio quest vodka cables. I am using one of them now connecting the room nucleus to the modem at the moment. I have read a bit about blue Jean cables which seem to hold spec. I don’t see me buying a longer Audio quest vodka cable given the cost. In some ways I feel like I spent more then I should have on the Vodka cables at this point. Opinions please ?



I’ve actually gone back and forth the last few days between the Purist and Eno. The Eno just has this silkiness and results in a presentation that is less “digital” and more natural especially in the vocals sibilance without taking away resolution and details. It relaxes it all just enough to not impact musicality and engagement.

These differences aren’t night and day between these two very good cables, but enough for the Eno to stay in the system pretty much most of the time. I just can’t un-hear it. Time after time, the results are consistent.
Again, I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page….it’s what I hear in my system with my ears and is based on my perception of good sound. System synergy, resolution, room acoustics…everything comes into play. I can totally believe that some won’t hear any difference in their system in their rooms with their ears…there are many reasons as to why that could be the case. Keep your mind and ears open!


Sorry for your loss.  Been there.  I spent a year exploring and implementing that whole digital delivery side....ended up with piggy backed switches, SOtM dbcl Cat6 cables between tem and to my Lumin server.....but to your situation.  I had to use a 20 meter cable from one switch to the other.  Supra Cat8 does a great job here without breaking the bank.  Some great reviews on "Audiobacon"

Good luck!

Either you ethernet cable is so bad it causes packet loss, or it doesn't. Any cable that will carry your TCP packets across will be equivalent. Buying any kind of "high-end" ethernet cable to pull across a room is a complete waste of money and anyone telling you differently don't know what they are talking about. Don't spend money on expensive Cat cables from some voodoo audio shop. I is a complete scam.


If the track is not able to be completely cached, error free, after a set number of tries, the app will end its attempts to play that track.  

That is not how Qobuz works, at least in my system with a Bryston BDP-3 and the internet speed you see here. To test this, I selected a track in Qobuz and immediately disconnected the ethernet connection as soon as the music started. I got about 3 minutes of music before the playing stopped.

The notion that a track is perfectly stored to cache - or "downloaded" as one user here insists - is simply mistaken.

You can easily prove this for yourself but here's a word of caution: the BDP-3 didn't take kindly to the ethernet disconnect. I had to reboot it to regain function. I also rebooted the DAC, so I'm not sure which (or both) accounted for the problem.

Ethernet is Ethernet you’ll have zero gain if you use an expensive cable. As long as your cable is well made, not a cast away from a data center. You’re at as good as it gets. Ethernet packets don’t care what copper they run on, it’s basically 3 parts with actual data in the middle, if it arrives missing, it’s sent again. That happens too fast for you to notice. I stream a lot via Roon to a Trinnov AL16 over CAT6, a whole box of CAT6 @ 1000’ feet is around 200.00. My company does IT consulting. I know data and packets.