Ethernet streaming

Many high end dac’s now have built in streaming capability via Ethernet. Is this a better way to go than adding a separate streamer to feed the dac?  In my case, streaming Qobuz and using roon. Also have an Aurender dac/pre that wouldn’t be needed if dac only streaming was used. Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches. I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I can’t find it.


Do a search on Bricasti M3 DAC with network card.  I believe you use a third party app and the Ether card is the conduit 

I’d keep them separate unless you’re severely space constrained.  If you’re happy with the Aurender then I’d just add the best streamer you can that’s in your budget. A good bet is the new Innuos Pulse Mini that’s $1250 and includes their Sense app that gets very good reviews for both user interface and sound quality, which is very important and often an area where streamers can fall short.  Innuos also offers excellent customer support if needed.  Just one option to ponder FWIW. 

Op often a seperate streamer will ojuperform an ethernet direct con ection 


We sell the Bricasti m3 and we get far better sound by using our 432Evo Aeon via usb into the dac the combo sounds amazing 


You have an auredER allready so I would trade it in and upgrade to an even better streamer plus dac or a really good streaming dac



AUdio Intellect  Nj