Ethernet streaming

Many high end dac’s now have built in streaming capability via Ethernet. Is this a better way to go than adding a separate streamer to feed the dac?  In my case, streaming Qobuz and using roon. Also have an Aurender dac/pre that wouldn’t be needed if dac only streaming was used. Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches. I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I can’t find it.


I have an Aurender A15. Like it, dac is good but not exceptional. Looking at a new dac.  A15 has usb out, but no other output.  Also want roon flexibility, maybe Aurender n200 for conductor use and new dac with roon endpoint for Ethernet streaming? 

A top dac is always better , for in a streaming package you are trying to cram everythung under the Hood ,I had  had The Bricasti 3 streamer dac it s good 

but separates still better such as a $4k innuos SS hard drive and Roon ready 

with T+A 200 dac  $7k  for under $10 k with discounts is a great reference setup 

at a decent price ,this is my Xmas 🎅 Xmas gift 🎁 to myself.

Not aware of a manufacturer that makes a great DAC and a great streamer.  So I would expect an all-in-one would be a compromise.

@joc3021 , @oddiofyl I have the Bricasti M3 using Ethernet running Roon Nucleus with Qubuz and I love it. I got a really good deal on the Bricasti from an authorized dealer though Audiogon to. 

No doubt the Bricasti is a great DAC  
I prefer a dedicated box to stream as I don’t do Roon.  
The M3 was on my short list.   Nice sounding DAC