Etymotics Vs Shure High End Headphones

Has anyone compared these headphones? A local dealer has the $499.00 Shure headphones but not for demo and returnable for store credit only.

I bought the etymotics years ago as the killer high end in ear headphones but never really loved them.

A bit claustrophobically uncomfortable - even with custom earpieces -- and a bit thin in the bass.

I continue to dream of truly portable high end sound for business travel and wonder if the Shure products are worth a look.

Thank you.
I really like the Etymotics. I was a little put off by the comfort and even the sound at first, but I've grown to really like them. They can sound kind of weak if you don't give them enough power. The bass of the Etymotics I think is pretty great driven with a portable Headroom amp. If you are thinking of dropping 500.00, you might want to look into the Sensphonic and Ultimate Ears custom made phones. They are supposed to be really comfortable and the sound is said to be better than almost anything out there.
Check out the reviews at at this address:

You'll find quite a number of comparisons among the Shure, Etymotic, Sensphonic, Ulitmate Ears, and others.

Good luck.
CwLondon -

I don't know if you're still looking for info about this, but I was in the same boat as you about 6 months ago.

I first bought the Ety 4S based on Internet reviews and popularity. I HATED them. Least favorite audio purchase I've ever made. I tried every day for 2 weeks straight to like them. Tryed different amps, sources, music. They were uncomfortable, and sounded Oh so bad. Bass was non-existant, thin mids, shrill highs. I tried all sorts of things with ear placment, "getting a seal". Though many disagree with me, I think they are total junk.

I sent them back and bought the Shure 5c. FINALLY, this is what I was looking for. Full midrange, solid bass, highs that don't hurt my ears. Also - much more comfortable to wear than the Etys - You don't need to jam them all the way down your ear canal, just kind of poke them in. I also got the Sensaphonics 2xs on loan to try out. They took the Shures one step higher - a bit more resolution / naturalness of presentation. But for me - they were not worth the price differential. I kept the shures, and have happily been using them ever since.
There is a very interesting paper by Mr linkwitz on earbuds.
Here is the address:
Plus the site is excellent as well. I like the Sony's he talks about amd will most likely purchase the Shures, but dont feel rushed as the Sonys are very good especialy for the money.