Euro Tumble

With the euro and dollar worth the same for the first time in 2 decades, I’m thinking of buying my speakers from Europe and importing them into the USA.

Does anyone have any experience about which European website to use that ships to the USA?

I’m thinking Focal, MBL, PMC and I’m sure I’m missing lots of others.

Does anyone know how duty works?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,




"I’m thinking Focal, MBL, PMC" 

Those brands have an established US distributor.

Do your homework on the brands that aren't discussed/mentioned here, and have no US distributor. Then contact them directly. 

While I appreciate the thought as a finance guy, I think you’re gonna find a lot of your savings eaten up by higher shipping costs to be worth the effort depending on how much you’re spending of course — think squeezing two ends of the same balloon. Could be wrong though and would be interested in what you find.

Doubt they would let you circumvent their established US dealer networks. And most likely after all the shipping and fees, it will cost much more, Best to wait a bit maybe the prices will come down, or just buy a used pair if the price is such an issue.


If you buy from Europe a speaker that does have US distribution, it is unlikely to have any warranty service available in the US. That is often part of what the distributor does.

If you buy from Europe a speaker that does not have US distribution, you will have to ship it back to Europe if any issues arise.

I would not like either situation.

I bought a new turntable from the UK and it was a hassle free experience. It shipped in two large boxes via DHL. After about 5 or 6 days in transit I got an email from DHL asking that I go to their website to pay import duty. It took five minutes to figure out and the duty was about $40 on a $4000 package. As soon as I paid I got a notification saying that the package was being processed, it arrived around 2/3 days later. The shipping cost was about $150, but that was around 3 years ago, I’m sure it’s doubled since.

Anyway, I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again. The table I bought wasn’t represented through a dealer here in the USA  so the manufacturer extended me a full warranty.