Eurock Magazine

Late 70s and early 80's there was a magazine called Eurock. Archie Pattersen was the publisher. I bought lots of albums that were mostly prog rock. Anyone else have the privilege of that scene?  He introduced a lot of artists
Yes! Eurock was my fav site until maybe 10 years ago for electronic musik. It was a great place to build a collection for those who, like me, already loved TD, KS, Ashra... 
Maybe if Archie had set up a chatroom, like what we have here for Americana (and Amazon feedbacks for about everything), he would have continued? Personally, I am not going to read his books on Krautrock, but would love to chat with dudes who also collected All Klaus Schulze albums and outtakes. With Archie moderation, that would be my favorite chatroom! :-)