Since I first heard of Eva Cassidy about 3 years ago,I have been spellbound by her voice,her songs and the simplistic way of her recordings.I have owned every single one of her albums.

Is there any other singers that are like her,Or she is the CHOOSEN ONE?
tom and Dtc,

thanks so much for the recommendations.

definitely will check them.

I have to agree she is "the one". Other female singers with gorgeous voices are Sara Brightman and of course the best jazz singer of all time Ella Fitzgerald. A singer you may not be aware of that has a drop dead beautiful voice is Queen Latifah. Early on she sang mostly hip-hop but lately has expanded her repertoire to include ballads. Her album Traveling Light shows off her wonderful voice to great effect.
I have listened high & low to find a vocalist who moved me like Eva Cassidy. After many explorations, there is a not-well known Italian singer, trained in opera, who has done it. Her name is: Maria Pia De Vito.

More info at wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Pia_De_Vito

You can google some youtube samples as well as many European reviews.
I've just worked through the six CDs again, and was struck by just how fabulous her voice was. That bell-like purity, the ability to float it, and the ability to "belt" when the song required. On Amazon I've briefly sampled a number of the other chanteuses mentioned in this thread, and so far haven't found anyone else who comes close to her in terms of the timbre / strength / purity of the voice. Surprisingly, perhaps Alison Kraus, when she's in a less strongly country-inflected mode, would be my top pick so far.

So my question is: who comes close to sounding something like EC?