Evangelical Denos in the War Against MP3

There are several great threads on recommended music, but here is a slightly more challenging twist:

If you only had ONE TRACK to convince a NON AUDIOPHILE why they, too, should rush out and buy a stereo that cost more then their BMW, what would you play?

Ideally, you might even give your audience a choice: pop, jazz, classical, rock and roll etc. but in my opinion, subject to the following rules:

1) nothing too esoteric -- geeked out hi fi demos dont impress laymen!

2) Enough variety to allow a choice -- "You may not listen to jazz, but this obscure recording by Flim and the BBs blah blah blah" does not inspire people to abandon their Bose Wave radios.

3) the recording must be impressive but non fatiguing at a reasonably dynamic volume sufficient to demonstrate your big rig

3) in addition to an impressive demo, what music AND perfomances have passed the test of time, could rightfully be considered "classics" and could move you emotionally even through a lesser system

I know this is not easy, but some great ideas will give us all the last demo track list that we need.
I hope this thread didnt bore everyone!?

Actually, I am afraid this question is VERY HARD to answer.
At least for me, which is why I posted it.

Like most Agoners, I enjoy many different types of music, obscure old recordings, geeked out audiophile classics etc.

My problem occurs when I have guests for a drink or dinner or something, and in wandering around the house, they invariably comment on the giant stack of electronics in the living room and cables sprawling across the floor.

Perhaps on some level, I feel a little defensive, and want to defend the expense and square footage devoted to this hobby. But I also want to share the joy and fun of music, played back through a great system. Which leads to the quick, after coffee, on track because it is getting late and friends have to go home kind of a demo.

I wouldnt say that my friends are philistine hicks , but at least for my friends, Mahler might be a bit esoteric. Miles Davis Kind of Blue? A masterpiece in my view, but you probably better really like (or at least had some exposure to, jazz) Pink FLoyd DSOTM on SACD? Maybe.... but obviously depends on the person, and I wouldnt say it was my favorite demo.

So perhaps what I am going for is more accessible (?) music of audiophile quality -- to use a skiing metaphor, the bunny slopes of audiophile quality recordings.

This is what will move people on their first, quick listen and hopefully, begin the grass roots, evangelical campaign against Lrskys brother and everyone who thinks MP3 is just fine.

Great music, accessible to the layman, in an oh my god knock your socks off, MP3 sounds terrible and I must buy new equipment type of recording.

All ideas greatly appreciated.
I think you need to look to music people know so the difference is obvious. Things like Nora Jones, Ray Charles, Lyle Lovett, Celine Dion(blech!), Louis Armstrong, Ella, Steely Dan, etc. Check out the "Best tracks to "show off" your system" thread for more ideas.

Unfortunately, few people go to the symphony to know what live orchestral music sounds like.
Obviously what you play depends on the likes of the potential "convert".
For an old rocker try The Who-Live at Leeds,as loudas your speakers and ears can safely take it.
Blues-Muddy Waters-Folk Singer-Mobile Fidelity re-issue.
Frank Zappa-Yellow Shark- for those who have never him. The music is great and the dynamics will show what a horrid fraud MP3 really is.
i have a feeling that 100 years from now someone will put an LP on his turntable and say to anyone near "What the hell were they thinking MP3, Cd, SACD.They had it right and almost wrecked the whole thing by digitizing evereything. Thank God great-great grandpa saved all that vinyl.Analog now thats progress".