Ever feel like we are going nowhere here?

Havent we hashed the same topics out dozens of times already? I know I am just as guilty as anyone else but still cant help but wonder why do we regurgitate topics over and over? Its like we are trying to figure out something that cant be figured out, or atleast we keep debating topics that there is no clear concenious on. I suppose it keeps us talking and entertained somewhat like a hamster on a wheel or like watching Bill Murray in Groundhog day. Question like "Do power cables sound different", "Will a DAC help?", "How, who or what got you into this hobby", or "Is it the journey or the destination?. Dont you ever feel like just saying hit the damn search button?, we just argued about this a week ago!
There is so much great info here and worthwhile topics to explore that I guess I just get tired of seeing the wasted space and lack of self education with a simple use of the search feature. I know folks are new and have what they feel are completley original thoughts and questions so you have to be welcoming and help out but geeesh.
OK I am bored and a bit down, Liz in hospital and I am not myself so be kind.......afterall I dont think this has been asked before :)
I agree its like watching a soap opera you can stay away for months come back and not miss a beat.
It would definitely be nice if people would actually use the search function instead of asking the same inane questions over and over. Then, if they want further clarification or want further assurance regarding their specific case they can start a thread indicating that they have read the older threads and what their additional concerns are. I guess the easiest solution though is just to ignore the rehash threads and force the poster to use the search function.
This hobby is mostly stuck in a time warp. Phonograph records, CD's, tube equipment, hookup wire, passive crossovers, and the like are nostalgia, not serious attempts at state of the art, or even its budget imitation. I like old stuff as much as anyone, but the dream of vastly improving sound reproduction has almost gone lost.
Where are the high end digital recording downloads, the update software for audio hardware and the high-res ipods?
Digital amps are beginning to be accepted, but only in very conventional forms. Serious improvements,like digital room
acoustic correction schemes, are ignored by most, while they purchase expensive analogue tweeks which do less and cost more.