Ever feel like we are going nowhere here?

Havent we hashed the same topics out dozens of times already? I know I am just as guilty as anyone else but still cant help but wonder why do we regurgitate topics over and over? Its like we are trying to figure out something that cant be figured out, or atleast we keep debating topics that there is no clear concenious on. I suppose it keeps us talking and entertained somewhat like a hamster on a wheel or like watching Bill Murray in Groundhog day. Question like "Do power cables sound different", "Will a DAC help?", "How, who or what got you into this hobby", or "Is it the journey or the destination?. Dont you ever feel like just saying hit the damn search button?, we just argued about this a week ago!
There is so much great info here and worthwhile topics to explore that I guess I just get tired of seeing the wasted space and lack of self education with a simple use of the search feature. I know folks are new and have what they feel are completley original thoughts and questions so you have to be welcoming and help out but geeesh.
OK I am bored and a bit down, Liz in hospital and I am not myself so be kind.......afterall I dont think this has been asked before :)
I think the topic of your post completely embodies the never ending audiophile pursuit of nirvana.
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Lokie, they also have this cool feature known as Site FAQ which states "We may decline to post a question if:
- The question has been answered many times in the past."

So its obvious in theory they dont prefer this repitition either and thats what I am "griping" about.

As far as your point of
"search the archives stupo." That's just going out your way to be rude.-end quote

While I would never word it that way I would love to see it used more and enforced, if you think its rude to say use the search engine then I guess Google would never have been created. Telling a new member there is a detailed search function and suggesting they use it is not only NOT rude but its also giving them a tool that will help them far more than harm. Remember the old saying "give a man a fish and he eats once, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself"?
I have to disagree. I still find a nibble in the new threads every now and then. Just these bites make it worthwhile
If you think this is bad check out a major newspapers sports forum! At least most of the writers here are sane. Some pomposity for sure, but mostly sane and polite.

As stated above, the search function is not all it could be. And we all start somewhere, getting feet wet with a thread or two. I see you had a thread asking about $200-$300 carts. Think that had ever been asked?

On a more important issue, hope your mate gets better.