Ever Hear a Tube CD player?

I've read about Triode Corporation's tube CD player (circa 2007) and was wondering if a tube cd player sounded, well, good?
I'm on my second Audio Aero Capitol... outstanding CDP, DAC and preamp in one unit.
I also have a ARC Ref CD-9. I'm very happy with it although it's redbook only. Still, the SQ is very satisfying when I'm reading in my listening room. It also runs pretty hot and has to be on a top shelf as it top loads.
Modwright used to do a tube-mod of the Oppo Disc Players. Sometimes you can find them used.There were 2 tubes sticking up on the top of the player and a new separate power supply box. I had one but sold it .
I've owned a PrimaLuna ProLogue Classic for over 3 years and like it.  Tubes consist of 2 each of: 12au7, 12ax7 and 5AR4. Sounds quite nice - very warm - although I did have a problem with the player not reading discs when it was new.  Fixed under warranty and no problems since.
I have an Ah! Njoe Tjoeb, but the drawer of the transport started wearing out after 10+ years of heavy use. Gave up fighting with it years ago, but was never really satisfied with its replacement. I’ve recently been thinking about dusting it off to see how it compares to my current streaming setup which certainly seems better than I remember.  
(Because you know I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. Anyone have any experience replacing a transport?)