Ever tried putting a cap inline with RCA for XOVER

Hi There, I am trying to cross over my speakers on the cheap.

Anyone ever tried putting a cap inline with an RCA input on a amp to act as a passive High Pass Filter? I am trying to cross over my Wilson Cubs at about 70-80HZ.

My amplifier is a Mark Levinson No. 332 for Reference.

My goal is to build an adapter (Female to male RCA) with a capacitor in there to act as a passive crossover. I know this can be achieved on the interior of an amp but this amp is about as much of a cream puff as youll ever find, Im doing nothing to her (She got completely recapped and upgraded with better parts all around in 09 so shes good for a good long while now)

If that doesnt work how about a good DIY design? Should I go active? I am trying to go not too expensive and potentially avoid another box in my system, but I dont want to degrade my signal greatly, however I do believe a little signal loss would be an ok trade off for less woofer excursion

Which is better, Woofers working hard with more signal or.. working less but a tiny bit less signal?

Oh I play my music loud and listen to electronic music, acoustic is not much of an issue, White Zombie made me realize I was within 75% of the excursion limits at mid volume, I want to be able to play these guys loud and cant hit the high 90DB to 100 or so DB like I want, I am probably chickening out at 90 or so if that.


90dB-100dB will not be an issue because at those levels you'll be deaf pretty quick.
^^ note really. What makes you deaf are the short peaks near 120dB. If you keep the mean at 90 or so and compress the peaks, you shouldn't have any problems with ear ringing even after long term listinging.

You can listen at igh volume for short periods of time and be fine it is long exposure that destroys you.

When I go out to local shows it is so much louder it isnt even funny and I have been to enough to know. As long as you dont over expose yourself youll be fine.

I play my system loud not for very long periods of time. Dont you ever have fun any more, dont you ever have friends over and pound out some tunes?