Ever use "switched" outlets on preamp?

I've never thought seriously of using the "switched" auxiliary outlets on the back of preamps/integrateds, such as my new Rotel RC-1070, which provides two such outlets in the back. Obviously they cannot provide enough current for an amp, but enough for a turntable or CD player. Are these receptacles really so bad? If, for instance, the power to the preamp is "clean" ie run from the wall or from a good power strip, does it become "dirty" when run thru the preamp? Better to plug the CD into a powerstrip with an aftermarket power cord?
dirty shmirty. both my systems have switched and unswitched outlets which are used all the time. one mac,one accuphase and both sound superb. the filter used at the outlet (if you use one) is still just as effective.
Try it you may find it works well enough. many of the purist ideas are not all that critical in practice
I ran my old Phase Linear 400 power amp using the switched outlet of my Rotel RC1070 for 3 years. Before that I used the switched outlet from a Marantz 3200 pre for 20 years. It worked great up until the time I upgraded and sold all that stuff off.

It didn't occur to me that there was anything wrong with doing this until I joined Audiogon; although in hind-sight, perhaps this setup contributed to my dis-satisfaction with the quality of the mid-bass in that system . . .I was dumb and happy running this way for many years though.
im with jaybo,i use mine all the time & when i have a preamp without these types of outlets i really miss that feature.

ive tried many different preamps with this feature & i always try it both ways & i have never heard a difference,try it & see for yourself,im betting you wont have a problem or notice any drawbacks.

don't have any now but when I do have them I use them only if required..ie, I run out of outlets on the good power strip...