Ever use "switched" outlets on preamp?

I've never thought seriously of using the "switched" auxiliary outlets on the back of preamps/integrateds, such as my new Rotel RC-1070, which provides two such outlets in the back. Obviously they cannot provide enough current for an amp, but enough for a turntable or CD player. Are these receptacles really so bad? If, for instance, the power to the preamp is "clean" ie run from the wall or from a good power strip, does it become "dirty" when run thru the preamp? Better to plug the CD into a powerstrip with an aftermarket power cord?
im with jaybo,i use mine all the time & when i have a preamp without these types of outlets i really miss that feature.

ive tried many different preamps with this feature & i always try it both ways & i have never heard a difference,try it & see for yourself,im betting you wont have a problem or notice any drawbacks.

don't have any now but when I do have them I use them only if required..ie, I run out of outlets on the good power strip...
I use them to power some low-wattage lights I use behind the T.V. to backlight it during home theater. It's convenient because they only come on when I use my A/V receiver. They do not seem to add any perceptable noise to the system, but I have the option of turning them off manually for serious two-channel listening. I usually leave them on because they provide a nice ambience when listening to music in a darkened room. JZ