Ever Used the Audioquest King Cobra?

Looking for opinions on the Audioquest King Cobra interconnect. Have you tired this cable? What kind of results did you get? Would use this between a Hovland HP-100 tube preamp and a NAD C 275BEE SS amp. Thanks.
I've had three AQ ICs before - Ruby, Viper and King Cobra. Viper was more extended (highs and lows) than Ruby with better control and tighter bass while King Cobra was more refined and even slightly more extended on both ends than Viper.

Audioquest, to be competitive, moved production to China and changed cable names. Older Python became much cheaper King Cobra while Viper became Diamondback.

King Cobra is very neutral refined and airy - good cable (I had 0.5m XLR). Hope it helps.
Very good cable. I started with the viper then moved to the cardas neutral ref then to the king cobra (I prefer the king cobra to cardas) then on to Fusion Audio interlocker. In fact I kept the king cobra for my dvd. At its price point it's an excellent buy in my opinion.
I used the King Cobra for about 3 months and was not terribly impressed. Thought the midrange and low ends were a bit flat and not as clear as I would like. I bought the LAT International high end product and thought it was a big step up. Just my opinion and observation.
I use all King Cobra from source to pre amp and love them, price to performance cant be beat for what they do!
IMO, I agree with Griggs..I ran it for a short time until I had $$ , its an entry level cable @ $75 bucks new on ebay .Would only buy if money is a real issue.