Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8

Has anyone heard all 3 ? What are your thoughts? 
giong into a Chronus Magnum 2 with Falcon q7 and potential lrs+.

Thank you for your thoughts.



jjss49, pls let us know about your thoughts comparing it to the Innuous zen mini when you’ve had a chance to compare.

Big +1. @jjss49 I’d be VERY interested in your impressions as I’m sure many others here would be too. That’s a very intriguing collection of streamers you have there! I’ve got the Zen Stream but my next upgrade was gonna be to the Innuos Zen Mk3 so…

@soix @brianportugal et al

i am currently on a summer vacation in spain, will be gone for another week, so i won’t really have proper answers on the streamer comparisons for probably another several weeks ... sorry about that not being any sooner

i ordered the eversolo master unit from summit several weeks back and it arrived just a couple days before we left for our trip (i wasn’t going to order both the plain jane and the master version, so i just picked the master with the purported better clocking and ic output stage)

before i left for the trip i played it using my usual cleansed lan feed using its internal ess sabre dac output first, and what i heard was predictably that very well known clean clear crisp spacious rhythmic sound signature that that chipset is well known for when coupled to a good ss output stage

i will compare the streamer output(s) against the others i have in house in due course, but as you know, to do that properly, using the various digital outputs into various dacs, will take some time to cover the many permutations - one that i quickly did was compare its rca spdif out against my well-used ifi zenstream with 12v lps, both feeding the same musical fidelity trivista dac using roon, i could not hear any difference

I have the standard Eversolo DMP-a6, and compared the coaxial output (SPDIF) to the USB output. Both cables were Audioquest Carbon, so that eliminated any differences you would hear from the cables geometry. 

I thought the USB sounded a little cleaner than the coaxial. I had it connected to a Denafrips Pontus ll DAC.

@mr_m Doesn’t the Eversolo have I2s out? Pls let us know how that compares into your Pontus when you get a chance. 


No. The Eversolo doesn't have i2s outputs.It has SPDIF, USB, optical, and HDMI digital outputs and single ended and balanced analog outs.