Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8

Has anyone heard all 3 ? What are your thoughts? 
giong into a Chronus Magnum 2 with Falcon q7 and potential lrs+.

Thank you for your thoughts.



@Richl35, did you compare the two versions as streamers only?  that is what interests me, as I use an separate DAC


I have compared both as a streamer and the master is clearly better in my system. The master is more warm, and refined sounding, it has a more refined sound, slightly more laid back compared to the standard,


That's an interesting observation. I think one of the YouTube reviews ( (Hans B.) said something similar..... reason why I say its a interesting observation, is  that per Eversolo, the upgrades in the Master Edition relate to improving the Dac performance and have nothing to do with Streaming performance..... Wonder why when used just as a streamer , with exactly the same parts as the Standard version there would be improved performance.....( its not like they improved the power supply, etc.)



I am not sure why there would be a difference. I just know it is very noticeable. Even the base sounds different on the Master. The regular solo, has a more punchy bass, whereas the Master is more laid back with what I would call a more musical bass. We are not talking night and say difference but noticeable. 

What external Dac and SPDF cable did you use when you observed these differences when using them as streamers only?